Reduce your debt through government funding

National Debt Consolidation Agency is an Authorized Organization Representative (AOR) under the System for Award Management (SAM) of the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS). Our mission is to provide exceptional services operating as a commercial entity between the government and the people through disbursing federal electronic commerce.

We provide Debt Consolidation through Government Funding to qualified households that fit the criteria set under the Administration for Children and Families for Domestic Assistance (OMB 4040-0005).

Founded in 1990, National Debt Consolidation Agency has grown from a small business of two dedicated attorneys, five agents and a front desk clerk to an accomplished point of contact as the best in its industry with over 300 certified, competent and professionally trained employees. We are an organization that pride ourselves in achieving results through world class customer service, dependability and professionalism.

How do we succeed at what we do? We cannot do it without you, because your satisfaction is our success. Register today, and consolidate your debt through government funding and reduce the amount you owe by at least 66%!

Abraham Abulafia – Founder

Abraham Abulafia is the descendant of a Turkish Jewish family that migrated to the United States in 1943 and settled in New York where Mr. Abulafia was raised and guided into the family business. After working with the family business for almost two decades, Mr. Abulafia branched off into starting the National Debt Consolidation Agency as an effort to ease the financial strain on many individuals that was in need of federal aid and relief. Today, Mr. Abulafia has grown his agency into an organization with many accolades and accomplishments.

Josiah Lichtenberg – Financial Controller

Josiah Lichtenberg is a certified accountant that worked with Merrill Lynch as a mutual fund manager on Broad Street, Manhattan from 1982 to 1987. Mr. Lichtenberg continued on to further his studies and attain his master’s degree fromm the Martin J. Whitman School of Management at Syracuse University, after which he joined the team at National Debt Consolidation Agency in 1995 and aided in the rapid growth of the agency into the organization that we are today.


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